September 21, 2019

Therianos Family

The Therianos family for centuries lives and operates in Kallithea, one of the smallest villages of Zakynthos island, half lying on the plain and the other half at the foot of the mountain Vrachionas, the largest in Zakynthos. What we want is that the better we do for ourselves nourished us and our children with healthy products to do and around the world who will procure our products and the earth that nourishes us and watered us to and keep it healthy.


Kallithea, Zakynthos

Name and Surname

Dimitris Therianos


Phone number



Legal Status


Type of organization

farms, individual farmers offering services to tourists, guided tour-experiential tourism, agritourism

Areas of Activity


Main Sectors

farm, artcrafts and processing mills cellars, wellness wellbeing, workshop events


Therianos Family produces Local Varietys in our Farm like Katsakoulias – Skiadopoulo – Mayrostafida – Avgoustiatis – robola – Koystsompeli. We make unique taste of Wine with Local Varieties

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