Golden Tree

The GOLDEN TREE created visionary mood agricultural products by the producer directly to the consumer. The human potential of the company is derived solely from the agricultural sector with extensive experience in the cultivation of olive trees. The precious liquid gold of the tree, comes directly from manufacturers without preservatives, slaps or other interventions are excellent virgin olive oil stands out from the golden green color and texture, with acidity that starting from 0.2 up to 0.4 . From fruit on the trees and not from below, ideal for children and adults as part of a proper food hygiene. Boasting the strong aroma of freshly cut olives and intense fruity flavor.

Name and Surname

Aikaterini Eleni Zotou


Phone number



Legal Status


Type of organization

farms, individual farmers, offering services to tourists, guided-tour experiential tourism, agrotourism

Areas of Activity


Main Sectors

food, farm, artcrafts and processing industry mills cellars, guides visits, workshop and participated events


Aggourelaio chalkidikisP.D.O. High Pennolic olive oil ,extravirgin olive oil, olive leaves.
Wild Athos early harvest extra virgin olive oil stands out for its golden green color, its very low acidity (from 0.2 to 0.4), its strong aroma of freshly squeezed olive fruit, freshly cut grass, and banana, and its intensely fruity taste, with a pleasant bitterness and a pungent aftertaste that reveal its high antioxidant content. It belongs to a small, select group of Greek early harvest extra virgin olive oils that are certified as AGOURELEO CHALKIDIKIS PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). That means it is painstakingly produced from the especially healthy, large, unripe (green) Chondroelia and wild olives of Chalkidiki.

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