September 20, 2019

Antonopoulos Farm

Antonopoulos Farm is one of the leading Greek organic farmers. With proprietary estates, packing and number of unique goods in Dilofo Larissa an example to follow in the field. All farm products meet high standards of quality, nutritional value and full compatibility with the human body, contributing to the harmony of soul and body.


Dilofo, Larissa, 41500, LARISSAS


Dilofo, Larissa

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Private Company

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farms, individual farmers offering services to tourists, guided tour-experiential tourism, agritourism

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One of
the leading Greek organic farmers.With proprietary estates, packing and
number of unique goods in Dilofo Larissa an example to follow in the
field.The bio-diversity and bio-balance prevails over the property in a
stunning part of Greece, guarantee satisfaction and higher expectations. Rich
in high-quality protein, minerals and vitamins, improved organoleptic
characteristics, high fiber content which contributes to the improved
functioning of the intestinal system rich in low glycemic index carbohydrates.

This means that absorb and slowly release a small amount of glucose in the
blood. So along with the fiber increase and maintain the feeling of fullness
for longer. They better regulate the amount of glucose in the blood resulting
in the prevention of diabetes. Containing more magnesium than other grains
and larger amount of the amino acid lysine (the main objective
“improvement” of the grain) which increases digestibility and
contributes thereby to maintain normal body weight. It has been found (from
our experience over the years and always doctor-patient partnership) that the
gluten content is consistent and does not create problems in the vulnerable
group of people who are sensitive to gluten (celiac disease and intolerance).
Our products have given solution to people who were prohibitive to eat bread.

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