Project Structure

WP 1 – Project Management

  • Assign responsibilities
  • Implement day-by-day management and coordination
  • Assure proper internal communication
  • Define reporting and evaluation procedures
  • Ensure quality management

WP2 – Communication and Publicity

  • Define communication strategy
  • Create communication material: digital channels, bochures and leaflets.
  • Disseminate Silver Wellbeing values and findings

WP3 – The mediterranean diet as a transversal CBC asset

  • Better understand features of incoming tourism (demand)
  • Better understand existing resources in terms of natural heritage, cultural heritage, food. (offer)
  • Creating innovative offers based on targetization of «silver»

WP4 – Tools for promotion

  • Develop new ICT tools to promote Med Diet and local tourism through gamification mechanism
  • Developing new services for operators
  • Empowerment of local tour operators

WP5 – Testing and piloting

  • Test project findings on «real life» scenarios
  • Involve key local stakeholders to promote the project values
  • Defining routes of Med Diet

WP6 – Promotion outside the CBC area

  • Diffuse the benefits of Mediterranean Diet at international level
  • Promote the new Silver Wellbeing model
  • Spread scientific value and commercial appeal of Silver Wellbeing
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